What is intelligence

Mirror, mirror… who’s the most intelligent of them all?

A little while ago I came across a tweet that caused a lot of noise on a social media platform.

The tweet was a one question comment in response to a photo of a young girl (she could have been 13 -14 or thereabout) standing one foot on dead giraffe as her trophy with a shot gun in her hands pointing towards the sky.

“Daddy, do you love me now?”  was the comment / question that disturbed something different in me to what all the public comments underneath revealed did for others, as it reminded me of exactly how far I would go as a young child and later as a young adult in raising my intelligence quotient bar (just a different type of trophy) to win my father’s love.

I sailed the entire primary school with A stars where the schooling system was such that we were marked from day one throughout the school year and then at the end too. There were regional and national winning trophies in maths and history, chess and sports, acting and drama…that decorated our household and metaphorically ordained my parents’ but in particular my father’s chest. They bathed in the fraudulent glory of what their daughter could achieve through her intelligence and the daughter in turn kept striving for accumulation of more ‘confirmations’ of her ‘intelligence’

I even set up a smaller size blackboard in my room at home and would revise playing the two roles – one moment I was a teacher and then I’d respond as a student. Now that I write about it, it sounds like a case for asylum admission to me (haha). But, in terms of academic results, it worked really well. However, even then, I remember thinking – – when, where and why on earth would I ever need to demonstrate that I knew Guatemala’s poultry consumption per capita or that I could name every country Ural River runs through to name just a couple of what seemed a gazillion superfluous and totally useless pieces of information that were rummaged down our cerebral cortex we call the education system. But the more I accumulated and could regurgitate these inert pieces of information, the more intelligent I was, right?


In secondary school, I continued what frankly became a quest to ravenously sponge more data, more info, more stats and so-called facts all the way to University. One year at Uni I made a pledge that I would break a record of my generation and score the top mark (which was 10) with one of the hardest, most demanding professors who had professed he’d only given that mark once or twice in his entire career which by then spanned some 30 + years.

It took me almost an entire year to prepare for the exam consisting of three massive books (much like Encyclopedia Britannica) and number of others I had to read, the entire English history, English literature up until 19th century both prose and poetry. I did nail the exam and got what I pledged to get, but it took months après exam to stop having constant dreams about the years in which each British kings and queens reigned, who died or was executed, where and when, start and end dates of numerous wars as well as reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets, Keats’ Byron’s and Chaucer’s poems in my sleep, (I never wanted to visit Canterbury after that!) debating with all 14 kings of Plantagenets…citing Magna Carta….you get the drift. It drove me crazy…

Then a year or so later I arrived on British soil and couldn’t even understand a word when this guy at Heathrow underground station with a heavy cockney accent (I was convinced he wasn’t English) who was selling train tickets was giving me directions for a route to London’s Hampstead. Ah, where art thou kings and queens, Shelly-s and Fielding-s when I needed you the most. A great touch of reality that life is not learnt from any book and the “how do you do-s” in English literature is not what greets one at a railway station.

And then there was always the Latin card up the sleeve, the mental floss for ‘master orators’ that even when waned from the classroom those throw away Latin sayings in conversations came so handy to make me look smarter particularly in circles where most people wouldn’t even understand them (much like Catholic mass in Latin).

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great Latin sayings and it is not that we could not or should not use them, but what I was never once told throughout my entire schooling was that words carry vibration, which is precisely what marks their true meaning and not what the dictionary tells and so repeating something that was said by a person in any language, whose way of living was not in accord with the Universe, or to put it simply whose energetic quality and integrity are so low that they could be scooped off the floor with a spatula, would be like delivering or drinking poison.

At some stage in my life I started to wake up more to the fact that intelligent species (human beings) cannot or should not be able to do such grossly un-intelligent things, like eat, drink and inhale scientifically proven harming substances. That intelligence and self-abuse, self-harm, killing, raping, wars, child/people trafficking……all the way to corruption, lying, putting personal gains over people….and more…simply do not mix.

And I started to wonder if it is true (as we claim it to be) that we, human beings are so intelligent and superior to all other life on Earth, how can little ants build (in Brazil) an entire underground city 26 feet below the surface that rivals the Great Wall of China and according to scientists’ reports, to excavate in total around 40 tonnes of soil to create the labyrinth, all that with no degree in architecture and no machineries? Just look at the size of them (!)

And how on earth are bees able to communicate to other bees through what’s called waggle dance not only completely accurate angles of the positions of the flowers / pollen but even the particular quality of the flowers with no compass, maps and drawings and no degree in physics or maths?

How do animals know to keep themselves safe and remove themselves from an area where tsunami (or earthquake) is about to hit whilst we humans continue to bathe and wait for the wall of water to wipe us away? Surely, if animals are receiving the communication so must we, no?

For sure, an orca whale with no degree in marine biology should not be able to tell that sharks, the biggest bullies in the sea, are susceptible to something called “tonic immobility” which means that when they are held upside down in the water, sharks become paralysed because they require water to move across their gills while they swim in order to breathe. Thus, the orca is essentially able to drown the shark before feeding on it, and not only that but the orcas make an incision near shark’s pectoral fins with surgical-like precision so they suck out the liver like a Frenchman might foie gras.

So, if all the aforementioned species (and many more) are not at Yale, Harvard, Sorbonne or Oxbridge, where are these godly creatures getting the kind of intelligence that our human intelligence cannot even begin to fathom let alone explain?

What are these super intelligent species tuning into that we humans aren’t?

What do they know and respect that we too perhaps know but are choosing to ignore?

In more recent years I have come to know that there is a magnificent intelligence we are all capable of tuning into and be one with it, our one and only true universal intelligence. The relationship with it requires reviving otherwise there are no admission processes or fees, no enrolling your child before it is even born, no tests nor accolades, simply one spacious ‘school’ where all are welcome, there are no losers, only winners as in everyone benefits equally.

Yet it would seem to me that even if the Universal intelligence became physically visible and was raining down on us (which in truth it is) we’d devise some kind of non-porous protector cloak that would make it run all off and so we’d avoid being one with its splendour.

Which makes it so clear to me that there has to be an intelligence, that cannot be intelligent by the standards of true universal intelligence, that doesn’t want us to know about nor to allow precipitation of the true intelligence we come from. Otherwise;

Why didn’t someone (anyone) teach me (and all the other girls) at school to self-care and to self-love first and foremost, so that I would withhold standards that wouldn’t allow me to give myself over to the first man that would show interest in me and settle for anything other than true love?

Why was I not (why aren’t we) told that our children are not ours to own but that we have children to raise them to what and who they truly are so that they in turn can do the same with their children and they with their children and so on and so forth? And why not tell me (us) that as a parent I can actually benefit from the children in supporting me on my own evolutionary path.

Why did I never hear a single science teacher who talked about energy and matter tell me that if everything is energy (as it is) we too are first and foremost energy, that energy is constantly coming through us, that there are only two types of energies (the one of love and the one of not love) that pass through us and that words (down to each syllable and every letter) and all the deeds including thoughts and even when we are asleep and not in motion carry an energy which affect everyone around us?

And ever since we finally ‘discovered’ that we are not in the centre of the universe and the universe did not revolve around us couldn’t someone have told all of us that within us all (yes, every single one of us) flows on tap a multidimensional intelligence that no book, university, PhD or any other scholarly accolade could match?

Equipped with all the different intelligences we have created and endlessly analyse and boast about, such as, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, musical, linguistic, existential….interpersonal, logical, mathematical…shouldn’t we know that an intelligent person is meant to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them? Yet, after the very first hangover that wasn’t enough to put me off from alcohol so that I would never touch it again. Not even second, tenth or thirtieth time and not even a year of biology science at Uni, two years of medical school and knowing that ethanol (alcohol) is a poison managed to make me make an intelligent choice to not have it ever again. Not until I let multidimensional intelligence occupy the grey mass between my ears and run through my veins.

Why did our family doctor (and a close family friend) smoke cigarettes even when on few occasions I was very ill and he had to pay a home visit and examine me whilst I was in bed with a cigarette in his mouth? This was a lovely person and a loving doctor too, but surely, it could not be intelligent to inhale fumes (not to mention to smoke next to a sick child) and particularly for someone who had spent years (we all know medicine is one long and winding road to a degree) studying anatomy, physiology and biology of the human body? However, is this behaviour (and many others) really strange when we teach doctors to be interested in disease, not in health?

Why aren’t our lofty, deemed intelligent degrees helping us to care for ourselves and instead we are looking to prove our intelligence by looking for problems, looking for issues and anything from the most abstruse cryptograms, to the most intricate analysis, and any other form of mental exaltation? If that was part of our true intelligence, surely we wouldn’t be seeing the mayhem, the disarray and the destruction we are all witnessing today?

We have come to champion our brain muscle like it’s an apex of our ascension to a greater life and all things extraordinary (whatever that means to each of us), an organ which can’t even think, but simply transmits that which gets given to it, much like any radio / TV / computer… apparatus – no input, no output – and we have been doing this for aeons all at the expense of our multidimensional might which has gradually atrophied to a level that some would fight to their final breath to ‘prove’ its non-existence.

Next to the intelligence of an ant, a bee or an orca you could say we are a species devoid of soul nourished wisdom and intelligence in spite of the fact that the sky (space all around us) is always pelting with the most magnificent intelligence our particles are intrinsically from and hence forever in communication with. I know that to know my true self and to consider myself smart, intelligent, clever and wise is to let that intelligence be my one and only guiding light.