The Future of Health

The future of human health, if it continues on the trajectory recorded by recent history to the present day, is in many respects quite a bleak picture. In short, we have numerous global, rampant and seemingly unsolvable health problems – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, drug abuse to name a few – that present a very real threat to the viability of our current societal models if not solved. The cold, hard statistics alone, if we dare consider them intelligently, tell us that we can’t afford to be as diseased as we are set to become if we stay on our current trajectory – that which we will become if true and lasting solutions are not found.

If we bring an ounce of honesty to the situation, as disease and illness are prevailing, point one is to accept that the prevailing model of ‘health’ is not working and must therefore be founded upon an understanding of health and wellbeing, and therefore of disease and illness, that is at best incomplete or at worst just plain wrong.

This web site is for the reader who, facing these stark realities, has reached that point internally where they become bold enough to at least consider – what if there is another way?

Latest Articles

Arc of the Covenant

What does it mean to HEAL?

We have accepted healing as something akin to the amelioration of symptoms or the resolution of a wound. But what if its original intended meaning is what offers us a true starting point in our approach to turning around illness and disease?

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A return to the truth, or not?

What will determine the future of our health? Will it be more evidence-based medicine, more of what we are currently doing, or is a different model or paradigm required? Read more to find out

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Woman - the future of health

Our relationship with healing

The pandemic of lifestyle disease has forced us to look deeper for the root cause of illness and is leading us back to discover the truth of healing and its offering of evolution for the human species.

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Practitioner and client - the Future of Health

Responsibility as a healthcare professional

Is responsibility as a healthcare practitioner just about being up to date, on time, giving sound advice and doing safe procedures? Or is there much more to it…

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Pyramids what is healing

Medicine and our relationship to Soul

Is it possible to truly measure and treat illness based on a strictly three-dimensional understanding of the human body? Is there more for us to consider that is already established, but perhaps long forgotten?

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Clinic Room - what is integrity

The significance of energetic integrity in the clinic room

Professionalism and a polished appearance can currently pass muster by way of integrity in clinical practice. But what do we know of energetic integrity and the potential for healing this pivotal factor offers…

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