A return to the truth, or not?

The future of health will be determined by our willingness or resistance to live and embody the truth of who we are. The truth of who we are has been told for aeons by enlightened beings who have reconnected with the truth of who they are and who we all are, irrespective of religion, belief, nationality, gender, creed, or any other identifying factor. It is the truth of our essence, our soul, our innermost being – universally present and accessible within all human beings. It is the truth that we are love, have always been love and will always be love – irrespective of outer or inner experiences to the contrary. The love that we are is unaffected by any hurt, wound, torture, abuse of any kind – even death itself cannot destroy or harm it. It remains pure, whole and pristine. We all have a choice, to align to and live from the wisdom of the soul, the wisdom of the love that we innately are, or we can continue to resist, fight, deny and ignore this truth and love, and continue on the wayward path that creates all our woes.

Currently in medicine the focus is on the body and the mind predominantly, with lip service paid to the emotional and spiritual realms. The body and mind are the locus of concern and the soul is rarely considered or included – indeed there is little awareness as to what the soul is or its role in healing, despite Plato stating over 2000 years ago that ‘this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the soul from the body.’

The whole approach to medicine is based upon an incomplete version of who we are, that is limited, reductionist and untrue.  So perhaps it is not really surprising that, even with all the wonders of modern medicine, surgery, science and pharmaceuticals, there is a rising tide of illness, disease and disharmony across the globe as we have founded our science and medicine upon a lie or indeed many lies.

The lie that we are ‘just human’, the lie that we are just a physical body and mind, the lie that the spiritual dimension has nothing to do with illness and disease or healing, the lie that evidenced-based medicine is the only ‘truth’ there can be in medicine, the lie that we are purely physical matter….. and I could go on listing many more lies that we have been fed that we have swallowed and believed to our detriment, as evidenced by the rates of illness and disease.

When we have one person suiciding every 40 seconds across the globe, when we have one person dying in the UK from heart disease every 3 minutes or another being diagnosed with cancer every two minutes, we can sit on our laurels, our hands, our current achievements no more. Great as they are, the model is clearly flawed. The suffering of humanity is obvious to all and treading the same path will only produce more of the same results.

The antidote to these lies cannot be more of the same – we cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it (to paraphrase Einstein): it is not just about having more randomised controlled trials, more ‘evidenced-based medicine’, more science based on an incomplete and untrue version of who we are. Only a return to the truth and the truth of who we are can dissolve these lies and provide a different paradigm and foundation for medicine, that understands and knows we are multidimensional, super-intelligent beings, choosing to live in separation to the truth that heals, the truth that sets us free.

That truth does not start with us as a physical body or even with us as a human being – it starts with us being the soul first and foremost. It is the soul that has a physical vehicle, not the physical vehicle that has a soul. The distinction is important. How we see ourselves influences the way we live life, the choices we make, and how we interact with life and people.

If we see ourselves as a body first, we can get caught in many lies, investments, attachments based on how our body is or isn’t, its shape, size, physical attributes and even its health. Likewise, if we believe the most important or dominant part to us is our mind, that our mind-driven intelligence defines us, then we can be caught in complete illusion that we are the owner of our thoughts, and that our worth is based on academic degrees, professorships and feeling intellectually superior whilst our bodies may be rotting from not being truly loved and cared for.

Whereas if we know that who we are is not the body, nor the mind, but who we are is the soul, is love – then how we see ourselves, our body, other people and our life is completely transformed. Our first and foremost identity is love – we can state with truth, that ‘I am love’, and let go of any belief, picture, ideal or thought that sees us as anything less or other than that, for it is a lie. We can choose to live the way of love that cares in full for our bodies and all equally, yet without attachment to the physical form when the time comes to let that part go. We know we are more than our bodies – that even if as a result of our wayward living we have an illness or disease, it need not define us, for we are much more than that. We are love, beauty, wisdom, light, truth, stillness, space and harmony in a human vehicle.

We come to know that we have what we have, or that we are where we are, as a consequence of not living from the soul – perhaps for aeons – having chosen to walk away from it, to live as though we were separate to it, to live according to my needs, my wants, my desires, my hurts, my wounds, my emotions, making it all about me, me, me. The path of individualism is a path of woe, a path of suffering and disharmony. Illness and disease occur when we repeatedly live less than the truth of who we are, and they serve to waken us up to this fact. They are not a punishment but the body’s way of bringing us to a stop and asking, what are you doing to me? How are you living? And in that stock-taking exercise, we can choose to return to the truth of who we are, to know the soul is the true healer of the form and the art of healing is to live the wisdom of the soul.

To live the wisdom of the soul is to know we are love, eternally so, irrespective of illness, disease, abuse, torture or hurt; it is to know we are already healed, whilst accepting there is a need for healing due to the lived momentum of a life void of soul; it is to live in a way that endeavours to embody the love of the soul in everyday life by aligning to the love, space and stillness within and making choices and movements from and with that quality that are loving, healthy, nurturing and nourishing according to our body. Listening more to our body alters our diet, sleep, movements, exercise, work and relationships – indeed all areas of life. But this is not just for our bodies, not just for ourselves, but for the All – as everything we breathe, express, move, live and do impacts everything and everyone else, based on the fact that everything is energy and the Soul is One.

So, what will we choose? To continue on the merry-go-round of suffering void of the way of the Soul, or return to truth and the truth of who we are and live from the wisdom of the Soul? The history of our future health will reveal what we chose.