The Science Says

Every frontier of science is a place where human beings, engaged in their work as scientists, will be the first to admit that they don’t, and therefore nor does their science, have all the answers. And that is how it must be if our systems and methodology in this sphere of human endeavour are to ensure that whatever we adopt as science has complete integrity in bringing certainty to uncertainty, shining light into the darkness of the unknown, without bias or interference.

What we choose to focus our scientific attention upon, i.e. what we rule in and out of our endeavours at the outset, and later what we choose to do with the results, i.e. what we apply to life and what we set aside or even ignore once the work is done, are other matters often entirely without scientific basis.

So, what if we were to take a truly scientific approach to the entirety of life?

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Purple dawn

Vision – we create our own reality

Vision is such a dominating sense that we seldom consider what is available to us without vision.

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First Flight

Blindsight – more to us than meets the eye

Brain mapping shows that the body senses and responds spontaneously to unconscious perceptions before the brain can see them. The body actually clocks and anticipates (feels) the significance of the ‘unseen’ stimulus and prepares for it before it is seen.

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Gobekli Tepi

Monuments of the past, human evolution and science

Few of us question the idea of evolution, yet the great man-made monuments of our earth stand in stark contrast to the central premise that we come from primitive origins. This article explores what those monuments reveal about our true nature.

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Pippets Science

Truth in modern science…

Modern science is telling us a lot about where we are finding ourselves as a human race. In this evidence-based world, science has become our new religion – so what is it offering as a guide for the future?

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DNA strand

What is the meaning of life? Ask your genes…

What is the meaning of life? This is a question that is usually handled by religion or philosophy, but modern science has found clues to this question in the most unlikely of places, our DNA.

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Science Lab 2 The Science says

Science and the questions we dare and dare not ask

A perspective on the advances of modern science, dark energy, evidence of extraordinary ancient science, the Great Pyramid, Göbekli Tepe, beyond-human intelligence, and the all-important questions.

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The science of Responsibility

The Science of responsibility

We are often told that we need to be responsible, but what does that really mean? Is there a science behind all life that informs and directs the degree and nature of responsibility we are prepared to accept?

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