What is A Case of The Livingness?

This site shares the key, the evidence-based blueprint as it were, to a vastly different world than the one we share now – an offering that remains on the table until the time when enough of us individually, then as a society on the whole, seek and choose something different than the status quo that is proven and guarantees us to remain stuck where we are now. 

A Case of The Livingness is the shared experiences of the authors, of the common path each has taken in our own way to restore ourselves to the wholeness which is that of well-being – and everything that comes with it to transform and enrich human life. That path is simply the re-integration of the being in the body – with a return to the full awareness of and responsibility taken for each.

What is shared here is tried and tested – not a matter of speculation or belief – being only what has been and is lived by the site’s owners, authors and many others we know, the path we have walked, the awareness we’ve gained and the self-transformations that have resulted.

This is a site that reclaims, integrates and literally brings back to life the original essence and practicality of Science, Religion and Philosophy, so long divided, deviated from and ultimately lost to humanity, to the great and ongoing detriment of all of us.

As with any blueprint or plan, if what we present here is understood and applied, by each in their own way and according to their own needs, it is guaranteed to produce a certain result.  That result is the known outcome of a way that has been tried and tested by hundreds of people living.

We are the living, breathing proof that what we’re sharing here works!

And that result is The Livingness – the quality of a life lived by a truly well being and the greater transformation that, only then, is possible and follows as a society of truly well beings.

Accordingly, this site simply documents and shares what already is—

A Case of The Livingness

Latest Articles

Purple dawn

Vision – we create our own reality

Vision is such a dominating sense that we seldom consider what is available to us without vision.

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First Flight

Blindsight – more to us than meets the eye

Brain mapping shows that the body senses and responds spontaneously to unconscious perceptions before the brain can see them. The body actually clocks and anticipates (feels) the significance of the ‘unseen’ stimulus and prepares for it before it is seen.

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A return to the truth, or not?

What will determine the future of our health? Will it be more evidence-based medicine, more of what we are currently doing, or is a different model or paradigm required? Read more to find out

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Gobekli Tepi

Monuments of the past, human evolution and science

Few of us question the idea of evolution, yet the great man-made monuments of our earth stand in stark contrast to the central premise that we come from primitive origins. This article explores what those monuments reveal about our true nature.

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Rock sea wall

Understanding the deeper meaning of integrity

Have you ever questioned the current definition of integrity? What if there is more to unpack and understand in defining this word? This article offers a deeper perspective to consider.

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Standards, values and vibration – the foundation of true family

Could family mean more than just blood relations or biology, but in reality a quality of relationship and upholding of standards and values?

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Little girl on street

Raising our young to be fit for work

What does being work-fit have to do with our ability to deal with life? What is entailed in being a good employee? Some key ingredients in our upbringing so it seems…

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Working woman

Work is never just work

What if I told you work can bring you greater satisfaction, greater contentment, greater knowing of who you are, and a greater sense of purpose in life, that in and of itself will provide a level of energy and vitality beyond your wildest expectations?

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Woman - what is healing

Responsibility and truth in healing

Does healing entail simply a visit to the doctor or naturopath, a correct diagnosis and a remedy or two with our bedrest? Discover the bottom line when it comes to healing at its fundamental core.

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Pippets Science

Truth in modern science…

Modern science is telling us a lot about where we are finding ourselves as a human race. In this evidence-based world, science has become our new religion – so what is it offering as a guide for the future?

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Hand picking apple what is healing

Healing as a part of life

Can healing be a part of life and not strictly something which occurs in a clinic room? What if our dinner conversations, car journeys and interactions at work could all form part of someone’s healing?

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Sun rays through treetops - what is religion

Religion as a lived way

You may find this a challenging question, but what if the greatest expression of religion possible for a human being has more to do with how we live than it is about doctrines and beliefs?

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Woman - the future of health

Our relationship with healing

The pandemic of lifestyle disease has forced us to look deeper for the root cause of illness and is leading us back to discover the truth of healing and its offering of evolution for the human species.

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