What is Religion?

Is religion simply a matter of belief, or a system of beliefs, a body of doctrines or ideals we may aspire to, uphold and even defend, but commonly having little to do with what we make our day-to-day life about?  Can we escape the fact of religion, or does whatever we actually do make day-to-day life about a religious act? From that perspective then, being irreligious, non-theistic, even nihilistic would be religion nonetheless, being points on the spectrum of ways by which we may choose to know ourselves, either in relationship with or attempted isolation from the all.

The What is Religion articles delve into these questions and more, drawing from what is innermost for our authors, to relate our own personal journeys and realisations on the path of return that is the essence of religion. And most certainly our learned wisdom is that to not walk the path is nevertheless religion. Then as our paths have merged, the Ageless Wisdom, in its current expression The Way of The Livingness, is the unfolding of Integrative Religion and the fact of human life as inescapable of religion itself and relationship with the all.

Latest Articles

What is religion

Living Religion – a correspondence between the inner and outer being

The outer religion, the inner religion and what it is to be religious; living a religion that is founded on a connection from one’s innermost.

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What is your religion?

Twenty years ago I wanted to run as fast and far away from religion as I could. And I did run, until I connected to the true meaning of the word and the natural religious nature within me.

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Am I religious?

Can I stand without any apology or justification about being religious? Once upon a time I would have equated that with being a nutcase… so what and how has that changed?

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The sound of the One-Song

When I am still within, I hear the sound of the One Song. It is not a sound like any earthly sound; it is high and unutterably sweet and harmonious, a many layered sound that makes up the One sound.

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