What is Work?

It is a characteristic of modern life to not value work, to minimise it and, much like responsibility, to find it draining and therefore we need to escape, withdraw or let off steam. And so we are conditioned to ‘work’ primarily to maximise return while minimising effort and little else. But what about the quality of the work we do, our interactions and relationships, and how productive are we when our main motivation at the start of every workday is to get out the door, and every Monday is a rush to get to Friday?  In the absence of a greater purpose, how can we guarantee our integrity, the quality of our work and relationships, and will we not instead guarantee only that we taint these by our displeasure and unrest?

In this section, our authors of the What is Work articles write from their own experiences and lived way, to reflect a totally different way to approach work — returning work itself to be perhaps the most purposeful and therefore truly evolutionary part of life. It highlights the importance of purposeful work, according to the simplicity of the Ageless Wisdom in its modern day expression, The Way of The Livingness, in what may otherwise be the purposeless state of modern life.

Latest Articles

Little girl on street

Raising our young to be fit for work

What does being work-fit have to do with our ability to deal with life? What is entailed in being a good employee? Some key ingredients in our upbringing so it seems…

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Working woman

Work is never just work

What if I told you work can bring you greater satisfaction, greater contentment, greater knowing of who you are, and a greater sense of purpose in life, that in and of itself will provide a level of energy and vitality beyond your wildest expectations?

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What is Work

One Life… the transformation of my approach to work

There are plenty of business coaches and management consultants out there, but none of them offer the powerful insight that The Livingness does to making work – work!

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Women - what is work

Work-life balance – What is life?

On the one hand we have work and on the other hand we have life, and they better not become bedfellows. But is work not within life? So then what are we really saying?

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What is work

Work and returning to the Love we are

What is work? Is it just a means to an end, a necessity for living a decent life and potentially thriving? Or is there more to it that we have missed in our efforts to achieve?

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