Religion, Science and Philosophy Reintegrated

The Possibility of One Unifying Truth

Our quality of life and the world we have are the inevitable result of our lived ways, informed by whatever the intelligence we accept and allow to run us.

What if— what the world currently thinks to be good health and well-being is not it?

That would point to a level of health and well-being beyond the markers and standards we currently recognise as “good” health.

And, what if the world we currently have, as a human society beset with seemingly unsolvable problems – disease, relationship breakdown, social disharmony, division, unrest, famine, climate change, oppression, political and economic tensions, misinformation, fake news, continual wars and those transient periods in between that we call peace, and so on – were all closely, deeply related to a fragmentation of our personal state of being, resulting in what we now accept as “good” health?

Then in the midst of all this emerges a group of people, spread around the world, who each through their own processes, have discovered and are enjoying that level of health and well-being, significantly greater than the accepted norm, and the resolution of everything, as above, that their own previous ill-health underlay, and it turns out that …

Getting there, as we have, is no big deal

This web site offers answers to these questions, sharing a redefinition of health and well-being, and the way to get there, from a lived experience, understanding and practicality that shows it is a state of reintegrated health and well-being that is quite possible. And everything flows from there – from the inside out.

Ultimately, as we are one world, this website is about, and for, all of us.

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Standards, values and vibration – the foundation of true family

Could family mean more than just blood relations or biology, but in reality a quality of relationship and upholding of standards and values?

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Little girl on street

Raising our young to be fit for work

What does being work-fit have to do with our ability to deal with life? What is entailed in being a good employee? Some key ingredients in our upbringing so it seems…

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Working woman

Work is never just work

What if I told you work can bring you greater satisfaction, greater contentment, greater knowing of who you are, and a greater sense of purpose in life, that in and of itself will provide a level of energy and vitality beyond your wildest expectations?

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Woman - what is healing

Responsibility and truth in healing

Does healing entail simply a visit to the doctor or naturopath, a correct diagnosis and a remedy or two with our bedrest? Discover the bottom line when it comes to healing at its fundamental core.

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Pippets Science

Truth in modern science…

Modern science is telling us a lot about where we are finding ourselves as a human race. In this evidence-based world, science has become our new religion – so what is it offering as a guide for the future?

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Hand picking apple what is healing

Healing as a part of life

Can healing be a part of life and not strictly something which occurs in a clinic room? What if our dinner conversations, car journeys and interactions at work could all form part of someone’s healing?

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The What Is Series

Have you ever paused to consider that, for every word we speak or think, as we attribute a specific meaning (or set of meanings) to each and every word, so do we equally also define what every word does not mean? Take the word ‘love’ as an example. By accepting the numerous common meanings and depictions of that one word alone, what if we are missing what might also be Love in the fullest, richest meaning that could be expressed and lived by a human being?

Unchanging principles of true health and wellbeing

The future of human health, if it continues on the trajectory recorded by recent history to the present day, is in many respects quite a bleak picture. In short, we have numerous global, rampant and seemingly unsolvable health problems – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, drug abuse to name a few – that present a very real threat to the viability of our current societal models if not solved.

Ancientness of truth in modern science

Every frontier of science is a place where human beings, engaged in their work as scientists, will be the first to admit that they don’t, and therefore nor does their science, have all the answers. And that is how it must be if our systems and methodology in this sphere of human endeavour are to ensure that whatever we adopt as science has complete integrity in bringing certainty to uncertainty, shining light into the darkness of the unknown, without bias or interference.

Religion, Philosophy and Science reunited...

Enter, the simple but perplexing questions of how we got here and where we came from as human beings. This is a sensitive topic and one about which the world has long been and remains very divided. But perhaps more importantly, is the fact itself that we are not aware and knowing of our origins, resulting in such great unanswered questions and social divisiveness, as we are left instead to resort to belief, speculation or even denial of a unifying one truth of this ultimate, inescapable relationship with what is deepest within all of us.