The What Is Series

Have you ever paused to consider that, for every word we speak or think, as we attribute a specific meaning (or set of meanings) to each and every word, so do we equally also define what every word does not mean? Take the word ‘love’ as an example. By accepting the numerous common meanings and depictions of that one word alone, what if we are missing what might also be Love in the fullest, richest meaning that could be expressed and lived by a human being?

What follows then, if we have a dictionary full of words and a common vocabulary that apply a less-than-complete meaning to many aspects of human life, is the possibility that we are communicating, expressing and therefore living a way of life that is a reduction, being less than our full capacities both individually and as a society.

If we have reduced human life by the attributed meaning of our words, do we then need new words to refer to the unreduced meaning of those words… or should we, can we, simply decompress the words we already have and use, restoring them to their deeper, fuller and enriching meanings?  The What Is section of this website does just the latter, as our authors take an honest and observant look at some of the most significant words we have as human beings – whatever the language in which we might speak them – sharing their own experiences and insights.

Latest Articles


Standards, values and vibration – the foundation of true family

Could family mean more than just blood relations or biology, but in reality a quality of relationship and upholding of standards and values?

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Little girl on street

Raising our young to be fit for work

What does being work-fit have to do with our ability to deal with life? What is entailed in being a good employee? Some key ingredients in our upbringing so it seems…

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Working woman

Work is never just work

What if I told you work can bring you greater satisfaction, greater contentment, greater knowing of who you are, and a greater sense of purpose in life, that in and of itself will provide a level of energy and vitality beyond your wildest expectations?

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Woman - what is healing

Responsibility and truth in healing

Does healing entail simply a visit to the doctor or naturopath, a correct diagnosis and a remedy or two with our bedrest? Discover the bottom line when it comes to healing at its fundamental core.

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Hand picking apple what is healing

Healing as a part of life

Can healing be a part of life and not strictly something which occurs in a clinic room? What if our dinner conversations, car journeys and interactions at work could all form part of someone’s healing?

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Woman - what is relationship

I wanted to be whole…

Ever felt that your life would feel over if you were not in a relationship? Read one woman’s account of how and why she can now embrace herself and life no matter her relationship status.

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What is intelligence

My head is not it…

Intelligence is supposed to reside within our head, but what if this is not the truth of where intelligence originates, offering us the capacity for something far greater when it comes to the wisdom we can access in our day to day.

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What is family

Back to true family

In my mid-twenties I left my family and moved to Australia, which was the other side of the world. I missed them a lot but at the same time, it was relatively effortless to find a sense of family where I lived. So who, and what, is family?

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What is intelligence

Mirror, mirror… who’s the most intelligent of them all?

If ants, bees, birds and orcas are not at Yale, Harvard, Sorbonne or Oxbridge, where are these godly creatures getting the kind of intelligence that our human intelligence cannot even begin to fathom, let alone explain?

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Tall trees - what is integrity

Understanding the deeper meaning of integrity

Have you ever questioned the current definition of integrity? What if there is more to unpack and understand in defining this word? This article offers a deeper perspective to consider.

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Hand holding flower - what is responsibility

The joy of wriggle-free responsibility

When what we understand as responsibility turns out to only be a fraction of what it really means, we can uncover a whole new dimension to ourselves and others.

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What is religion

Living Religion – a correspondence between the inner and outer being

The outer religion, the inner religion and what it is to be religious; living a religion that is founded on a connection from one’s innermost.

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What is relationship

Me, you and everyone else…

What limits us in relationships? Why are our relationships the source of so much angst? What would it be like to have a natural ease in relating – to simply meet people as we are, minus learned relating strategies or defences – be they conscious or unconscious?

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Flowers - what is love

Love can’t be hurt

Have you ever stopped to question what love really is and whether the romantic version we call love, is in fact that, or is it an imposter, all the while side-stepping what love actually is?

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What is Work

One Life… the transformation of my approach to work

There are plenty of business coaches and management consultants out there, but none of them offer the powerful insight that The Livingness does to making work – work!

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Equidistant cross - what is religion

What is your religion?

Twenty years ago I wanted to run as fast and far away from religion as I could. And I did run, until I connected to the true meaning of the word and the natural religious nature within me.

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Sun reflection on water at dusk - what is integrity

The greatest Integrity is within

An insight into the greatest expression of Integrity for this author – a source of steadfastness and the development of who we are within.

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What is responsibility

The ‘R’ word

True responsibility must contain a number of energetic aspects that relate directly to the quality and purpose of the life we live. Read more of this author’s awakening to the grandness we are part of.

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What is intelligence

Intelligence in a world that doesn’t make sense

Is intelligence failing us? The measuring of intelligence, drawing into question what is being measured and the very act and purpose of measuring it. The possibility of ever greater intelligence and how we might access it.

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Moon in night sky - what is responsibility

There is more to responsibility than meets the eye

What does it really mean to live your every day with energetic responsibility? Discover the enormous benefit to your life and to all those around you.

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Unfolding flower what is love

I would do anything for Love

Love is the most wanted commodity in everyone’s life, may we be aware of it or not. It makes us go round and round again until eventually we find it – within.

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While body intelligence

Intelligence – source or product?

What if intelligence was something far grander and far more encompassing of our whole body than what it is we assign it to as coming only from our head?

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