What is Relationship?

There is no doubting or escaping the fact that, as human beings, from the moment of birth we are in relationship with other human beings and the world around us. And from that moment, whether we seek relationship or isolation, there is no avoiding the fact of relationship itself, as even isolation is a state of relationship. So, whether we have relationships that flourish and enrich us, founded in love, joy and harmony, or languish into the likes of conflict, imposition and abuse in their many forms, is entirely up to us.

The What is Relationship articles share the personal experiences and insights into the fact of relationship and how whatever we bring to them, or not, including by way of integrity and responsibility, determines what unfolds — be that to flourish or languish. Beyond that, we also look at the grandness of everything, both within and beyond ourselves, that we are in relationship with and inseparable from as human beings.

Latest Articles

Woman - what is relationship

I wanted to be whole…

Ever felt that your life would feel over if you were not in a relationship? Read one woman’s account of how and why she can now embrace herself and life no matter her relationship status.

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What is relationship

Me, you and everyone else…

What limits us in relationships? Why are our relationships the source of so much angst? What would it be like to have a natural ease in relating – to simply meet people as we are, minus learned relating strategies or defences – be they conscious or unconscious?

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Relationship with stars

Relationships and the lost factor that makes them work

In a world where relationship counselling is a thriving industry, what is the essential component we’ve lost touch with that make all relationships work?

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What is relationship

Relationship magic – love and ducks

I have just returned from the hairdresser where it was such a joy to look in the mirror and see me and how absolutely gorgeous I am and beautiful I look. But it was not always like this for as a youngster I did not like what I saw in the mirror at all…

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