What is Healing?

The origins of the word ‘healing’ is well known, as a derivative of the word ‘health’, that being simply the process of restoring to a state of wholeness that which is in disunity or unsound. Looked at from this perspective, and that as human beings, we are beings in a physical body, what if any state of disease or illness represents a disunity or loss of integrity between the two?  This understanding then presents an opportunity for the patient and the health practitioner to either treat the presenting symptoms or identify and address the underlying cause.

The What is Healing articles present the very real experiences and insights of our authors about healing, from the perspectives of both patient and practitioner, with a particular focus on the shift from treating symptoms to addressing the ever deeper underlying energetic causes of human dis-ease. This shift is firstly one of intelligence, that being to the Ageless Wisdom and a level of science that can inform The Future of Health, to restore a simplicity and practicality to healing. What’s presented is a path of return to wholeness at the deepest level, which ultimately is Integrative Religion, and that is The Way of The Livingness.

Latest Articles

Woman - what is healing

Responsibility and truth in healing

Does healing entail simply a visit to the doctor or naturopath, a correct diagnosis and a remedy or two with our bedrest? Discover the bottom line when it comes to healing at its fundamental core.

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Hand picking apple what is healing

Healing as a part of life

Can healing be a part of life and not strictly something which occurs in a clinic room? What if our dinner conversations, car journeys and interactions at work could all form part of someone’s healing?

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What is Healing

When healing means so much more…

Healing is not just about healing bones and surgical wounds but has the potential to completely transform how we see and understand not just ourselves but all of life.

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Crossing paths

God’s blueprint: When footsteps meet

What if our daily interactions weren’t as random or spontaneous as we might think, and were in fact part of a grand blueprint where each of us are offered countless opportunities to learn and evolve through each other?

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