What is Family?

When we think about family we will unerringly think of bloodlines, our parents, siblings, children, relatives, ancestors, and things like seniority, loyalty, obligation, inheritance, weddings, funerals and festive gatherings. And all too commonly, the word ‘family’ is followed by ‘rift’, ‘conflict’, ‘division’ or ‘feud’, and therefore much about family is written into our statutes of law and just as often unwritten law, leaving us with no surprise that the prevailing state of our families is inevitably complicated, divided and fraught with issues.

But what if there is more to family than this worldly minefield, which when understood and applied undoes the inevitable outplay of this ‘you and yours’ mentality? In the What is Family articles, our authors share their own experiences and insights into this possibility, the simplicity of bringing to family life the Ageless Wisdom that is intrinsic to The Way of The Livingness, and the importance of the essence of Love and Relationship in this transformation.

Latest Articles


Standards, values and vibration – the foundation of true family

Could family mean more than just blood relations or biology, but in reality a quality of relationship and upholding of standards and values?

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What is family

Back to true family

In my mid-twenties I left my family and moved to Australia, which was the other side of the world. I missed them a lot but at the same time, it was relatively effortless to find a sense of family where I lived. So who, and what, is family?

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Nuclear family

The future of humanity: True family

For eons we have believed that family is the heart of society but is it the be-all and end-all we have tried to make it to be?

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Mother Son - What is family

Family life – questioning the model

What happens when we reconnect with the true purpose of family? Is it possible to completely reshape and redefine our concept of ‘family’?

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NASA image Earth - what is family

We are one big family

What if family is not confined to bloodline, a nation or even this planet… what if our limited view of family is selling us well short of what we can have as a one humanity?

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