What is Responsibility?

While the word ‘responsibility’ confers power, authority, importance and leadership upon a person, role or office bearer, it invariably comes with a sense of burden, duty, liability and obligation. It is as if there is something demanding, imposing or draining about being responsible, implying that acting responsibly can only be maintained for a limited time, after which we will need to withdraw, let off steam and recover — and perhaps be irresponsible to somehow compensate (see Integrity).

What if there is another dimension to responsibility, and from our capacity to access another intelligence it is possible to work, be in relationship and live life purposefully and be energised rather than drained by it? This, without the reactive narrative that tells us responsibility is an obligation, a burden, an imposition for which we need some ‘off switch’ or escape. Our authors in their What is Responsibility articles examine this possibility brought to life, writing from their own experiences and revelations, a perspective on life before and after The Way of The Livingness became their lived way.

Latest Articles

Hand holding flower - what is responsibility

The joy of wriggle-free responsibility

When what we understand as responsibility turns out to only be a fraction of what it really means, we can uncover a whole new dimension to ourselves and others.

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What is responsibility

The ‘R’ word

True responsibility must contain a number of energetic aspects that relate directly to the quality and purpose of the life we live. Read more of this author’s awakening to the grandness we are part of.

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Moon in night sky - what is responsibility

There is more to responsibility than meets the eye

What does it really mean to live your every day with energetic responsibility? Discover the enormous benefit to your life and to all those around you.

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Responsibility in life’s kitchen

What is energetic responsibility and its application in a world that does not yet acknowledge the latter? Read more about how one man applies it and the benefits he finds across his life.

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