What is Healing

When healing means so much more…

As a surgeon I was taught and trained to understand about wound healing and bone healing and the various biochemical, physiological and cellular processes involved, including what happens when healing is delayed or distorted and affected by other conditions in the body. This was pretty much it in terms of healing.

It wasn’t until I explored outside mainstream medicine that I came to a much more expanded and holistic understanding of healing and also illness and disease that is based not just on the understanding of the whole person, but the whole universe. This exploration into other disciplines including philosophy and religion in combination with science, totally transformed how I understood EVERYTHING in life – and I mean everything – including myself, the human being and body, healing, illness and disease, medicine, relationship, God, work. Every sphere of life was touched and transformed. It has definitely been the most enriching, transforming and healing journey of my life!

What I have come to understand is that all of life is fundamentally and ultimately about healing. Perhaps a bold statement to make – but let’s unpack it and begin to explore how this could be so.

First some key principles:

  • Everything is energy
  • God is love and we are love.

Everything is energy.

This is a scientific fact, the foundation of which was laid by Albert Einstein and summarised in his equation E=mc². Other scientists have expanded on his work and it is known that we live in a sea of energy, where everything is interconnected – such that nothing happens in isolation, but always as an intimate part of the whole sphere of life, and affecting the whole sphere of life. As human beings we are energetic beings and every choice we make, every move we make, every expression, impacts our body and our wellbeing. If we consider and ponder this more deeply, it is clear that we have a huge amount of responsibility not just for our own health and wellbeing, but for the collective wellbeing of humanity and the planet we live on currently.

Everything that arises occurs because of energy – nothing can happen without energy. Therefore, before illness and disease occur physically in the body, they have occurred first in energy and been caused by energy.  If the energy we use for all our movements and expressions is not the same as the energy we are in essence made of, then it will result in disharmony and ultimately illness and disease.

 A car that is designed to run on petrol will not be smooth running on diesel – just as a human that is designed to run on the energy of love will not run smoothly when fuelled by any energy that is not love.

God is love and we are love.

The teaching that God is love is common to most, if not all religions – it is a core thread that links them, even though they can then be quite diverse in their subsequent interpretation and application. Over the ages, many wise people have presented and taught that God is Love and some have also taught that we too are that love. For example, Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is inside you”, which could also be said as ‘the Kingdom of Love is inside you.’ He also taught that we are “all Sons of the most High” – in other words, we are all Sons of God.

It is something that I have also come to know for myself – both that God is Love and that I am the Love He is: that the essence of my being is the same quality of Love that God is. In coming to know that is true for myself, it becomes immediately apparent that it is true for all people – even if they do not know it for themselves. It is not based on a belief, a wish or a prayer – but can be felt and known because Love is an energy. We can all reconnect with this energy, within our own being, and have it be the source of energy we use to move, think, act, express and live, or not as the case may be. We live within a boundless sphere of love that is always holding us with love, and we get to choose whether to align to that love and live from it or not.

Because most of us have NOT been brought up to know the truth about who we are – as super-loving and intelligent beings, as Sons of God – on top of suffering hurts, wounds and traumas that lead us to think we are so much lesser than who we are, and often carrying deeply negative beliefs about ourselves, we end up making choices that are not very loving. For example, we eat food that we know and can feel is unhealthy, we drink alcohol and caffeine that are toxic to the body, we go to bed late and end up exhausted, we push our bodies too hard and ignore its deep wisdom and sensitivity – the ways in which we live unlovingly are absolutely myriad!

The problem is all those ways take a toll on the body – they affect our immune system, our nervous and endocrine system, they can alter the expression of our genes and ultimately all of that over many years may result in an illness or disease.

Our choices void of the love that we are, lay the foundation for what can occur and precipitate in the body as illness and disease in physicality. But the first cause, the root cause, was a move away from living the love we are. We come from love and we return to love, and whilst we are here on earth we have the free will to choose to align with and live from that Love or not.

The good news is – that healing is possible: not only possible, but can produce profound changes in our health and wellbeing.

The first step to healing is to arrest or cease making the choices that led to the condition in the first place – in other words to cease making choices void of the energy of love. And then to build a body of love by aligning with and making choices from, with and in the true energy of love that we already are. It makes complete sense that if we already are love, we need to make choices with that same quality of love in order to restore and maintain harmony in the body and the being. This is simple in theory but not always easy in practice because of the long momentum of making choices based on personal needs, desires, emotions, ideals and beliefs, fuelled by underlying hurts and wounds, instead of the love we already are in essence.

In practical terms, making choices with love means listening to how our bodies feel in response to the choices we make – so for example, a hangover is a clear message that alcohol harms our body and is clearly not loving. But it also means understanding why we are choosing to poison ourselves with alcohol – what is the underlying misery, ill, hurt, wound, stress, suffering that is making us want to use some form of anaesthetic to numb ourselves so that we are able to override the wisdom of the body and poison it with alcohol?

It means eating foods we know and can feel are healthy and nutritious, not dulling like bread or pasta or stimulating like salt, sugar and caffeine etc. It is recognising that the energy of emotions – anger, sadness, jealousy, frustration and so on – have a different quality to the energy of love and are harming to our bodies. We can take steps to understand why we have emotional reactions and recognise them as a step away from the love we are, and can use them to help heal the underlying hurt or unmet expectation.

Honouring the cycles and rhythms of our body by going to bed early and rising early, not only is beneficial to our health, but on a much deeper level reconnects us with the cycles of the universe and the wisdom of the stars, to know we are definitely not isolated islands, but deeply interconnected with the whole. It becomes an incontrovertible fact that nothing happens in isolation and everything we think, say and do affects EVERYTHING. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet and reflect to all there is a way to heal. 

It was by realising, accepting and knowing that I am love – the same quality of love that God is – that I was able to undo all the misbeliefs I carried about myself and accept I was worth loving… first and foremost by myself.  I was then able to let go of behaviours that were deeply harming and unloving and begin to live in a way that not just respected but treasured the sensitivity and wisdom of my body.  I was able to develop (and continue to do so) a new-found appreciation for myself, my body, my work, my life and all within it. By seeing with new eyes, I was able to transform how I saw everything.

Knowing I am Love, was and is an instant healer. In that moment, nothing is needed, I know I am whole, complete and already healed – whilst also recognising that there is work to be done in terms of letting go and healing lifetimes of momentums not founded upon that love. I know that the Love that is my essence cannot be harmed, hurt, affected or destroyed by ANYTHING, and the more I reconnect with this Love and live from it, the more steady, settled, loving and consistent I become, with greater understanding of life, people and why things happen the way they do.

Whilst we need everything medicine offers, it is true that love is the greatest healer of all – for only love can heal the root cause of our many ills, namely, living in separation to the love we are. By reconnecting with the love we are, we can restore harmony to our body and being. Even when the body is diseased beyond repair, we can heal the underlying emotional issues and restore harmony to the being that inhabits the body and transform the experience of illness and disease.

We begin to see, understand and appreciate the deep interconnectedness of all life, and that we are an intimate player in all that happens in our life. We see that life is always reflecting something back to us, from which we can learn, heal and evolve if we so choose. In this way, every interaction, relationship, experience, event, happening, can be used as fodder to return us to the love we are – helping us to see the unhealed pockets of hurts, wounds, misbeliefs, judgements, expectations, ideals and more to be let go of, transformed, and healed so that we can live more of who we truly are.

What is healing? Healing is the most exquisite, enriching, empowering journey of our lives, where we get to let go of ALL that we are not, and return to live and express from the majesty of our true being, our soul, the embodied light and love of God.   


Eunice Minford practises Surgery according to the principles and teachings of conventional evidence-based medicine.
The understandings presented in the article are not part of conventional medicine currently and are informed by Eunice’s personal experiences and study of religion and science.

The article is not medical advice and if you have any health concerns these should be discussed with your doctor.