Clinic Room - what is integrity

The significance of energetic integrity in the clinic room

To this point in conventional training in the healing professions, it has been integral that to uphold a level of professional integrity within the treatment room is an essential part of practice. To conduct oneself in an impeccable, professional manner, to be polite, welcoming, well groomed, to have honest transactions, to provide good service, do one’s best for the client and so on – perhaps even be seen as an upstanding member of one’s community – is generally the extent of our understanding and application of what it means to have integrity. One’s time outside clinical practice is considered essentially one’s own to do as one pleases, with little direct impact short of the reputation one might uphold. What a practitioner chooses to partake in ‘behind closed doors’, currently has little to no acknowledged bearing on the quality of practice she or he is able to deliver, nor the results they might expect to see.

What is known through study, the skill with which a client can be assessed, and the application of appropriate remedy is essentially the determining factor in clinical success… right?

BUT WHAT IF it is this limited view precisely that has rendered the practitioner’s capacity to offer healing to be so dramatically reduced as to confirm our prevailing reality that – the power of healing we hold lies solely within the limits of the knowledge we can impart, the advice or script we can give or the technique we can apply?  This is our current paradigm.

This is what we are taught, and are taught not to question, and it has been what we practise to this date… however, with the simple incorporation of an understanding of energetic integrity through the Ageless Wisdom teachings, a critical point of change is offered, with enormous ramifications for the healing professions.

Energetic integrity says that we are responsible for the quality of energy we move, express, act and think in, at all times. That there is an energetic quality to us that is determined by the way in which we live every aspect of our lives, and that this quality we cannot switch on and off, as it is determined by the sum quality of our choices, and cannot be less or more by design, deductive or polished appearance.

Based on the living examples documented extensively throughout this site, it can be proposed that the practical application, or livingness of an understanding of energetic integrity as it translates into the clinic room, is in fact a missing link, an ultimate game-changer for all the healing professions.

Two simple examples of this would be – the physician who recommends a patient to stop smoking, but is unable to do so themselves, or the dietitian who advises on weight loss but is unable to shed the excess kilos he or she carries. It is not a critique of any person in this exchange, but merely to illustrate the fact that we would never say of these practitioners that they lacked integrity for the advice they could not follow successfully themselves. In fact, we accept this as normal and without question because they have studied and have the qualification that says they are the expert.

But what if one of the crucial keys in whether or not the recipient of that advice is able to apply it successfully and sustainably, IS the livingness of the practitioner making the recommendation?

What if it is not the knowledge of the dietary change or behavioural modification that holds the healing factor, but the living imprint reflected directly by that practitioner, effectively ‘showing the way’? When such a practitioner speaks from a body that holds the energetic integrity of the way in which they live, then what they impart communicates something critical for the recipient to receive and be ‘inspired’ or ‘ignited’ by. Something takes place, and as everything is energy, we must acknowledge that it is first and foremost an energetic exchange.

Does this not change markedly the way in which we must approach training our practitioners, and the meaning of responsibility therefore held by them to live, to the best of their ability, what it is they put themselves forward to be experts in?

Can a relationship counsellor be truly effective if they have not established a quality of relationship in their own lives that sets a standard or marker for what love is, and therefore what true relationship is? Can a health practitioner be truly effective if behind closed doors they cannot sustain the levels of self-care and self-nurturing they wish to support their patients to reach, such that their bodies reflect what it means to be truly healthy and well? Can a dentist inspire dental hygiene that comes from a deep self-regard if they do not live with a deep regard for themselves? What is the energetic communication received, regardless of the impeccability of the words spoken?

We have shown that we can tick boxes on instructions from our health practitioner – we can floss our teeth and take our medicine – but statistics are showing that this approach alone does not guarantee the desired result, and implicitly the missing factor that would do so remains unrecognised. Clearly there is more to health and healing than ticking boxes, for both the client and the practitioner, and each must bring what’s specifically needed on their part to the exchange if what transpires between them is to guarantee the result. It is from here that we can consider that the meaning we have assigned to the ‘integrity’ of the practitioner is key to achieving that result.

The living examples of healing and transformation documented extensively throughout this site illustrate a smaller community producing consistent results that defy the statistics of the greater community. What is documented presents the possibility of a Future of Health that is therefore very different to the future the latter statistics are overwhelmingly pointing to, and that the Energetic Integrity of the health practitioner is at the heart of which future we end up with.