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Truth in modern science…

Modern science says a lot. It tells us who we are, what we are made of, what to do, how to think, how to live. In this evidence-based world, science has become our new religion – it is science we now turn to, to guide us through life.

But the science we have invested so much in has increasingly been shown to be flawed, corrupted, not able to be reproduced (1), calling into question our new religion and our faith in it.

Nonetheless, as flawed as it has increasingly been shown to be, there is truth to be found in modern science, truth that shows us where we are at, why we are here, and truth that guides us back to where we belong, in the whole universe, of which we are an indivisible part.

For example, science says that 95% of us are ill (2), and that this illness and disease is largely related to the way we live.

And science says that despite the focus on the genetic causes of cancer, only 5% of cancers are due to mutations in our genes (3), and the rest are due to the way we live.

Science has given us epigenetics (4), which shows us that even our genes can be altered by changing the environment they are in, and that our lifestyle choices affect not only our behaviours, but our very DNA.

Science has given us E=mc2, the equation made famous by Albert Einstein, showing that we are energetic beings living in an energetic world. We are not just solid mass, but we are energy, and the two are related by light. It has shown us that we are more than merely physical, that everything is energy and therefore that the energy we are in determines the physical outplay of life.

Science has expanded to give us quantum mechanics, which says that we are not solid, separate individuals, but almost entirely space, beings of light vibrating in harmony with the universe, whose particles dance in and out of us and interact with each other and all other beings from one end of the universe to the other. Everything we do, say and think affects everything and everyone around us in this quantum field and only when we choose not to vibrate with the whole do we feel heavy, separate, isolated, alone.

Modern science fosters this separation, focussing on the parts in ignorance of the whole. But true science offers us understandings of the truth about life, if we are willing to be guided by the feelings of our heart. And when we look at science with an open mind and heart, we can connect with the truth of what it offers us, a deeper understanding of the universe, the mechanics of everything in it and our relationship with it. Our relationship with the universe and everything in it is actually true religion, the restoration of our relationship with the whole.


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