The science of Responsibility

The Science of responsibility

In our day-to-day lives we are trained to look and consider that we are individuals, distinct from one another and distinct from the world around us. After all, do we not have physical borders, eyes that we can see, a nose that we can delineate, and hair that we can see (if we are not bald)? We think that we have a right to consider ourselves as separate and to self-determine. We think that we can do anything we like and we will not have an impact on the world or the universe around us, and that things such as the weather have nothing to do with us. We think that we can eat as we like and think as we like and our bodies will just randomly be what they are. In short, we think with an extraordinary degree of irresponsibility. We think that we can love some people and hate everyone else. We think that we have the right to reserve our favoured feelings for those favoured to us and our dogs, and not others, and that there will be no consequences for this.

But is this in fact a truth? And scientifically, does it even make sense?

Consider this…

On a particulate level, everything in the universe is made up of the same particles and the same particles that exist within particles. On a physical level every being in this world, and indeed the universe, is made up of exactly the same particles. Carbon, oxygen, silicon, potassium, sodium and so on. We learn about this in school as the periodic table. What we further learn is that despite the fact that all physical life is comprised of these atoms, each being will be comprised of the same atoms in different compositions. How can this be? What is the program that makes this so?

Look closer and we see that physical life is not so precisely comprised of the same borders that visually we are trained to see. The building blocks that make up our bodies are continually passing in and out of our bodies by way of food, breath, drink and excretions through our lungs, our gut, our eyes, our skin and our kidneys. Thus, what was once in a banana becomes our eyes, and passes out through our kidneys and what was once in our liver passes out of our lungs to be breathed out and taken up in the air by a plant in a far distance. And what enters our body may come from a forest on the other side of the world.

This tells us that we are all interconnected and part of a oneness of all life, even on a physical level.

To take it even further, the particles within our atoms come in and out of each atom at an unfathomably fast speed. Where do these particles go and where do they come from? Nobody knows! They could come from the other side of the universe!!! And thus, here we see how on a particulate level how interconnected our bodies are with all of life in the universe.

Furthermore, science has shown us our quality of being imprints particles around us. These particles are then taken up by life around us. Masaro Emoto in Japan has shown how various emotional states and thoughts differentially imprint water and how the molecules order themselves, with hate and anger causing immense disharmony, and love creating harmony and order. And it has been shown that water carries consciousness and thus our oceans are a deep well, moving our thoughts and beliefs collectively around the world.

Knowing this by virtue of science, how can we consider in truth that we do NOT have an impact on life and people around us? It does not make sense when we consider the science that we could possibly be a) disconnected from the universe and all life and b) not have an impact on all of life by virtue of the quality by which we choose to live.

And this is on a particulate level.

And furthermore, we also know through science that everything is energy, thus meaning ALL of US are comprised of energy. Matter is a form of energy, and so is light; E = mc² identified this for us.  And thus, we too are energetic beings in physical form. As we know, after life leaves the body and we die, the body decays, staying together only when the being is in the body. This shows us that we are energetic beings in a physical body, with the body having no means to ‘stay together’ once the being has left it. Ashes to ashes, and dust returns to dust.

Thus, on an energetic level can we even consider ourselves to be separate and individual from the world and the universe around us?

Science says no! Quantum science has shown that energetically, what occurs between 2 particles is linked. Particles when they have been in connection with one another are reciprocally affected by an event that happens to one particle, even when those particles are separated by time and space. This is incredible.

Does this not show us that energetically we have a great responsibility in regards to the quality of our living?

The answer is YES.

If we can see that we are part of a oneness of all life, as science shows that we are, and if we can see from science that our quality of being impacts the quality of particles all around us, and that they will then have an impact on every particle that they have ever been in connection with, how can we ignore the science and try to live our lives as though we are self-contained units of expression?

The science of how life is interconnected demonstrates that we and all life are indeed part of a oneness, and in that sense, this is a call to responsibility. A call to responsibility to understand the true quality by which we are to live, as each and every movement, including our thoughts, has an impact on all of life around us. It is clear from the science that living in states of disorder, hate and anger affects everything around us.

So what are our steps to responsibility?

The Ageless Wisdom states that we as human beings are in truth energetic beings in a physical body. We are all of the one Soul and in that sense part of what might be referred to as the universal one song that moves all of life in harmony.

Yet through the chaos of our lives and our thoughts, and the state of the world around us, we can see that we are not as individuals living as part of the one harmonious song that we are innately from.

Great masters throughout the ages have taught that there is a path of return to the truth of who we are, and great lessons to be learned in terms of the way in which we have strayed from the path of this universal union. Could it be possible that there is a path home, a return to the essence of who we are and way of living universally as part of union with the all?

The science says yes, as our particles are of the universe, and it is apparent that they naturally respond in accordance with a universal flow. It is we as individuals, living in disharmony in disconnection from that universal flow, that bring a discordance to the flow and order of the universe by way of imprinting life with this disharmony. It is possible that our particles, being part of the universe, when left unhindered will naturally return to being part of universal order. It is we, through our alignment to this universal flow, who have the opportunity to reimprint life through the choices that flow from that alignment, and in doing so restore to harmony that which we have adversely impacted through our previous disharmonious ways of living.

“If all motion had stillness as its foundation, the movement of human life would

know itself by a harmonious rhythm.”

Serge Benhayon

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 366