What is responsibility

The ‘R’ word

My sense of responsibility has changed dramatically over the years. The ‘R’ word used to give me a sense of burden, seriousness and hard work. In those days I was in a perpetual state of anxiety and overwhelm, and so if someone suggested to me that the way I was living was irresponsible, I would be immediately on the defensive trying to justify how hard I was working or how much effort I was making.

The Way of The Livingness has altered my perception of responsibility, by re-connecting me to the energetic truth of how life works. The teachings have opened up my eyes and my heart to the fact that we are all living within the body of God at all times. This oneness with God and everything that is held within Him, offers a completely different perspective on how to live in a responsible way. Put simply, we are either in alignment with the oneness or we are in separation to it.

Imagine if a wave tried to separate from the ocean and be an individual. Given the vast and constant movement and flow of the ocean, a wave on its own would disrupt things considerably and would be at odds with the whole. Or we could use a similar analogy of a cell within a body deciding that it was going to do its own thing, by trying to remove itself from the harmonious order within the system it belonged to. We know that when cells stop doing their job, illness and disease occurs.

And so, responsibility is more about appreciating and accepting the unique contribution we all bring and playing our part within a constant movement of ever-expanding grandness. This may sound far-fetched, but the daily reality of it is a humble acknowledgement that we are each a unique expression of God’s love. Therefore, every movement, word or thought can represent the quality of oneness of our origins, or not.

The world we currently live in is not a true reflection of that glorious movement of oneness, as there has been much separation from its natural flow. However, the more we each re-align our bodies to its divine order, simply by living responsibly, the sooner we will all enjoy the inevitable return to oneness. As such, everything matters in the way we live – how we pick up the phone, send emails, speak with our bosses, attend to our homes, eat and lay ourselves down to sleep at night etc. And so, the ‘R’ word Responsibility actually serves as a reminder of other amazing ‘R’ words – such as Reconnection, Return and Reunion. There is no sense of burden in these words, but rather lightness and a joyful sense of purpose; no hard work but instead a surrender to what is and has always been our true nature.