Sun reflection on water at dusk - what is integrity

The greatest Integrity is within

Integrity is the steadfastness that withstands all the madness in the world.

It is the beholding of the unity of humanity in essence.

I love the word integrity; it is the one place that I hold dearly within me, that nurtures the fires within.

Integrity is a song, a movement of music to my heart.

Integrity keeps me warm and I know who I am and where I stand when it comes to truth.

It is the anchor that holds me steady in the wild winds of life, so that I am not taken by any whim.

When I once had nowhere else to go, when I had felt lost, in the darkest hour of those stormy moments of life, where there is no constancy, only contradictions, hypocrisy, no common-sense but full of conflicting pictures and beliefs held in societies, where one truth after another is named, yet each truth is the truth and the other’s truth is the villain.

Integrity is the basic point for humanity – the integrity of upholding dear within that does not harm another in any way. That which is of a standard that is not defined or based on human parameters. But that which comes from the knowing of love for the all and living accordingly to that, holding standards that do not pit one against another but bring union in the love, the essence of humanity.

Integrity is the bridge between heaven and earth – holding all that which is from God and moving in those footsteps on earth amongst each other.

The saying by Serge Benhayon; “Being a fish in the sea but not getting wet”.

That is integrity.