Crossing paths

God’s blueprint: When footsteps meet

If everyone in the world was to write their entire life down on paper, we could actually track the exact chapter and page number of all of our interactions. Our footsteps cross with those of everyone we meet in our day – friends, customers, colleagues, people on our commute, through emails and phone conversations, in the street etc. Are these crossroad moments random, or in fact part of a much bigger plan and very spectacularly, grand purpose?

There are many conversations I’ve had throughout my life which have started off with a “Hi, how are you today?”, and have built into a magic and pertinent discussion about life and all things related. Not limited to friends or family, these beautiful moments have occurred with customers at work, peers at school or university, shop assistants, taxi drivers, builders, dog walkers, fellow café or restaurant customers and countless other people from different backgrounds and settings.

Undeniably we have all experienced these moments of connection – when there is a palpable and rich purpose without any preparation or knowing that this was what was going to come out of a simple “Hello”. It could be said that bumping into someone felt like ‘perfect timing’, you could even say divinely planned or out-of-this world – more on that later.

The essence of these conversations have taken many varying shapes, from someone expressing about a new opportunity in their life or a relationship, working situation, hobby or perhaps that it’s an intense time for them at the moment so having the space to express has felt very healing. Always the conversations have supported me to learn, observe and gain a deeper understanding of a particular angle of life, humanity and the fact we are all innately the same. It is through this I have learnt that we all love love.

Two beautiful examples of this magic, from a rich document of many:

1) The classic “Hey, how are you?” to a girl I distantly knew through our studies became a deeply supportive and timely conversation about how she was feeling about study, and her current relationship to herself and her thoughts. After the conversation it was obvious that she was on a particular path, and that the moment had offered her to choose another, be honest about how she was feeling and reconnect to her sense of true self-worth.

2) After a day where I was running late and trying to cope with a large load of study, about to walk into an exam which is designed for my particular year to fail, I hopped in a taxi and the taxi man proceeded to tell me for the 15 minutes leading directly up to the test about how beautiful my soul was, and the fact that I had an incredible dedication to supporting others and passion for life.

These moments are moments of true and absolute healing.

Going back to our book analogy and developing it one further step – what if we are not the ones with the pen and ink when it comes to writing these books? What if our path was part of a gigantic map which is constantly changing and adjusting to ensure that each of us are completely looked after?

God is a masterful architect, and the blueprint which allows these moments to manifest is so precise that it is explainable only when you observe the identically precise map of the stars above us. The part we play in this is simply to keep walking, be open, and express love – to whomever we might meet in our day.